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Today, ANA Group already considered itself as one of the best sources for the supply of industrial products from international manufacturers around the globe
All our staff has previously worked in the US or the European countries OR the Iraqi government and is therefore familiar with the western work habits and business procedures.
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ANA  Transformer Group is a major supplier of rebar, steel, copper and aluminum wires and plates, grain oriented silicon steels, cold rolled carbon steel strips, hot rolled steel sheets, hot rolled mild steel plates, copper strips in coil with rounded edges, copper strip

ANA OIL AND GAS Group has grown with Iraqi oil industry and has now become one of the leading suppliers of technical products and services for the oil and gas industry.

ANA is now a consolidated group of companies headquartered in Baghdad Iraq, and regional offices in Basra-Iraq, Sharja-UAE, Guangzhou-China, and Istanbul- Turkey.

From raw materials to preforms to optical fiber to fiber optic cable assemblies

ANA Group Contracting offering a wide array of home appliances and Refrigerator, Cooktop, Microwave, Dishwasher, Laundry pair or separate Washer or Dryer.

Our focus on Government request for all type of Commercial and home appliance from well-known Brands.

  • All our orders are from the most established suppliers throughout the world with emphasis on the US and European countries.
  • We check all items with regards to their quality before we supply them to our customer


  • We are representatives of many of the most renowned suppliers and therefore can supply items with less overall cost
  • We buy items in quantity and keep them in warehouses; therefore, we can give better prices to our customers
  • We have many items in our warehouses and can therefore supply them faster
  • We have established partners in the transport industry which helps us deliver items on time and on schedule
  • All our staff has previously worked in the US or the European countries and is therefore familiar with the western work habits and business procedures.
  • We use the most modern means of business management tools to offer our customers professional services they deserve.

Providing best quality services:

ANA Group shall take care of everything for you and assure that
you get the right product with quality assurance. Our client is
always our priority. We always make sure that we follow and doubl
check the technical requirements and specifications as per clients
requirements. ANA Group always aims for a long-term business
relationship in every project that we deal because we believe it
is always a start of a good and long partnership

Our Mission
To provide high quality and innovative solutions for all our clients' needs.
Our Mission
To deal fairly and honestly in all situations and business relationships. To deliver the best solutions and products possible
Our Mission
To deliver the best solutions and products possible.

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