We believe that each employee has the right to derive personal satisfaction from his/her job and the prevention of occupational injury or illness is of such consequence to this belief that it will be given top priority at all times.

It is our intention here at ANA to initiate and maintain complete accident prevention and safety training programs. Each individual from top management to the working person is responsible for the safety and health of those persons in their charge and coworkers around them. By accepting mutual responsibility to operate safely, we will all contribute to the well-being of personnel.

Every day we identify critical safety behaviors, potential risks and hazards and implement appropriate mitigation plans.

dedication to creating a safe work environment

ANA’s dedication to creating a safe work environment begins with the encouragement of its employees to take a proactive approach to safety. Due to ANA’ commitment to safety, the company celebrates over 2000 man hours without a lost time claim, and has received numerous awards for its safety program. In comparison with the National Averages, ANA has far surpassed the standards for job site safety and lost time claims.

ANA’s Safety Team includes a cross functional team of representatives from Senior Management, the Safety Department and Field Operations. This team is headed by ANA’s Safety Officer, who has participated in extensive training and educational programs and is fully versed in all current safety regulations for both on-site projects and in office construction shop conduct.

Safety Officer and Safety

The Safety Officer and Safety Team are responsible for executing the guidelines and duties outlined within ANA’s company policies, as well as implementing what they’ve learned through their training. The team meets, at a minimum, quarterly to review current safety issues and to assist in the development of long-term plans for the proactive growth of the program. “Safety Tool Box Talks” are also given by Supervisors on a weekly basis along with site safety inspections. During “Safety Tool Box Talks”, ANA Supervisors address general and specific safety issues with all the individuals working on the project site.